Office Cleaning

What's included in our office cleaning?

Our office cleaning solutions mean you can guarantee clean work areas, day in and day out, as well as clean work stations, totally hygienic staff kitchen, sparkling toilet areas and a lobby to be proud of. 

-General office cleaning 

-Dental office cleaning 

-Store cleaning 

-School cleaning 

-Bank cleaning 

1 Work station including desks, chairs and surrounding areas cleaned
2 Computers, monitors, keyboards and printers dusted
3 Carpets vacuumed and hardwood floor areas wiped clean
4 Lobby work station and surrounding area cleaned
5 Kitchen area cleaned including sink, small appliances and microwave
6 Bathroom facilities cleaned in accordance with our standard
7 Window sills and surrounding areas dusted and cleaned
8 Any stairway, entrance area and corridor dusted and cleaned
9 All glass and mirrors wiped clean
10 Trash containers emptied, cleaned and sanitized 

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