1. What can I expect as your standard for a cleaning service?
To simply tell you that we clean everything that is needed to be cleaned, or to just tell you not to worry we will take care of it all, we think that is easier for you to see in detail EXACTLY what it is that we clean in each specific area of your home or office. 

2. What if I need something cleaned that is not part of your standard checklist?
 If you would like something done that you do not see on our cleaning checklist you can simply tell us or see our other services and special cleaning options.  

3. What if I have pets?
Pets, we love all animals, however, it is in the best interest and for the safety of our staff and your pets that we ask you to kindly have them placed in a separate room or crated somewhere comfortable temporarily. This rule is in place simply because the noise of the vacuum and also strangers in the house can often alarm small dogs and cats, therefore we encourage our clients to use this option or even better take them with you during the cleaning or leave with a friend or neighbor just for the duration of the cleaning if that is possible. 

4. How do you ensure consistent standards are always met?
 All Wise Maid staff are aware and have extensive training regarding what is expected of them when they are cleaning.  Our training comes with rigorous and meticulous hands on approaches to all spaces and areas of your home or office.  You can rest assure that we instill in our staff the same mentality for consistency in all aspects of their work performance.  If however you are not satisfied with the cleaning service that was provided, please do not hesitate to call our office and let us know what we can do to fix the problem, which we will arrange to do immediately with our sincere apologies. 

5. Can I rest assured that all your staff are properly screened?
Definitely yes!  When you contract us to clean your space that comes with a mutual trust and understanding that gives you peace of mind while your cleaning is being done.  All our staff are thoroughly checked out including criminal background and eligibility to work in Canada.  Al of the above are done for all our employees before they are sent out on their first cleaning.  We do not compromise on this. 

6. Will your staff be on time?
Yes, when you agree to have us clean your home or office space we guarantee that our staff will arrive on schedule, and in most cases ahead of time by 10-15 min so that they can begin their work on time after they have set up and seen the area needed to be cleaned.  It is only beneficial for both parties, our staff and you the client, if our staff start their work on schedule and finish the same, we know how busy our lives can get, and staying on schedule is very important to us here at Wise Maid. 

7. Are any preparations needed before your staff arrive to clean my home?
Absolutely not, it is our job to come and make your house look impeccable and clean.  It wouldn't hurt to just take a minute or two to pick up items off the floor or put away anything you think is important and do not want misplaced or discarded.  Aside from that, we would like our staff to focus their time on the cleaning and maximizing their time so you get the best value for your money.

8. What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept cash, credit card, paypal, EMT transfer. Soon we will have interac capabilities, and for businesses a company cheque is okay. 

9. Do you provide all equipment and supplies?
Aside from your own vacuum, for hygiene and safety reasons, our staff will provide all cleaning supplies and accessories.  All you have to do is give us access to the vacuum and an extra bag as this may need to be replaced during or maybe even before the cleaning can commence.  To avoid cross contamination and bacteria traveling from one place to the next we ask all our clients to please have your vacuum readily available for our staff to utilize.  If for some reason you do not have access to a vacuum, or do not need one for the cleaning, like for some houses that have all hardwood, simply advise our office staff and we can definitely make adjustments and arrange something for you. 

10. Does your company use environmentally friendly products?
 We have acquired the best that the cleaning market has to offer in products that have gone through years of testing by the top people in the industry and have proven to work very well and are safe for the environment and for your families.

11. What if I need to cancel?  What is your cancellation policy and process for rescheduling?
  If you cancel and reschedule within 48 hours then we have no cancellation fee.  If you cancel and reschedule within 24 hours then there is unfortunately a small cancellation fee.  If you cancel and do not reschedule for any reason we do, unfortunately, have to charge you 50% of the cleaning cost to offset expenses incurred by this cancellation. 

12. Are your employees fully insured?
Yes, we are fully insured.  We carry third party and general liability insurance for 5 million dollars.  Also   all of our employees are "bondable"  by Work Safe BC to work in Canada. 

13. Does your staff wear uniforms?
Our staff wear distinctive short sleeve t-shirts with our logo on the front, you can't miss it.  Aside from that they are only allowed to wear brown or black slacks or jeans as they are expected to get soiled from the cleaning and white does not look attractive when the client returns to inspect the work.  Open toe shoes are of course not allowed for safety and hygiene reasons.

14. Do I need to be present when your staff are performing their services?
No, you do not have to be present during the cleaning.  This is your space, you can come and go as you please.  Just let our staff know if there is anything you would like cleaned first, or in any specific order, so that the inconvenience to you is at a minimal. 

15. What other services do you provide?
We provide a variety of other services available to our clients to assure that we meet and exceed our clients' needs and expectations

16. What if I am not satisfied with the work?
If you are not 100% completely satisfied with the work please do not hesitate to call or email our office immediately and we will fix the problem right away to the best of our ability.  Your satisfaction is our guarantee.  We pride ourselves on the belief that the customer is always correct, and in all cases the customer must be happy after the service is complete, without exception.  We will contact you shortly after the cleaning as well to get your opinion first hand. If we cannot reach you simply return our call at your earliest convenience. 

17. Are your products safe for my family?
Yes, our products are the best on the market and are very safe for you and your family.  To find out more about what products we use and how we discovered them, simply call our office or email us and we will be glad to bring you up to date and give you peace of mind.  This is another area that we do not compromise on at all. We at Wise Maid and our staff alike have families also, and we know how important it is to keep them safe from harmful products. 

18 Are you able to come and clean my office also?  
Yes, absolutely.  Please see the list of all the other services we  offer.

19 What can I expect after your staff are done their cleaning?
 You can expect to walk into a completely different space than you saw before the cleaning.  It will not only look and smell fresh and clean, you will see the shine and all areas will be looking new again, no space left untouched, we guarantee it. 

20. Why should I use Wise Maid cleaning services?
We, the owners and founders of Wise Maid, have many, many years of experience in all aspects of cleaning homes and offices.  We have trained a group of individuals and instilled in them the same, if not better, work ethic and a sense of perfectionism in their cleaning approach, no short cuts, period.